SQ Groups range of mobile phone and audio accessories have been designed with the user in mind. High quality, stylish and user friendly charging, connectivity and portable audio solutions for your smart phone and other portable devices, the SQ range of accessories are affordable OE alternatives designed and tested to out-perform and outlast their more pricey competitors.

The mobile phone has become a central part of our daily lives. As much as we’d like to deny it, the numbers don’t lie!

The need to continuously keep our devices charged has become essential. Today’s smart phones and portable devices are known for draining batteries at alarming rates and we all know there’s nothing worse than being caught out with a flat battery when we least need it, knowing your charger is stuck back at home.


We have the solution

After intensive market research, SQ Group has designed, developed, manufactured and ranged a selection of phone accessories for simple and convenient smart phone and mobile device charging and data synchronization while on the move.

Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung or any other USB charge port-equipped phone or device for that matter, the need for power remains the same and we’ve got you covered. 

The SQ range of smart phone charge & data sync cables not only look the part with their vibrant colours and anti-tangle ribbon design, in most cases they outperform and out last not only other aftermarket but also OE cables!

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The Problem Is...

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